Friday, September 10, 2010

Live Portraits Tonight

Tonight I'll be at In God We Trust's Greenpoint location at 70 Greenpoint Ave for this party, drawing people or drawing whatever people with 20 bucks want me to draw. I'm having cards printed as I write this to give out. I'm getting 4 different ones made. Here's one of them:

Come tonight and collect all four PGCs (Promotional Gelgud Cards)! And get your portrait drawn! Or just come to party! There is also going to be swag I think and straight razor shaves and Free Tattos. And also free tequila. Why did I say that last?

Here is what the nice people at IGWT are saying about their party:

Hey guys,

Come on out to igwt and the parlour brooklyn this friday the 10th for fashion night out!! Sooo much cool shit happening it's unbelievable.....exclusives by d.s and durga and the hill-side, max and unicorn wallet customizations, custom engraving by igwt, Katie Chang from mio mia men's grooming writer extrodinare will have products and advice, straight razor shaves and last but not least FREE TATTOOS and FREE BOOZ!!


You can check out the Facebook event listing here.

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