Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sheed looks good in green

Rasheed Wallace
Middle name: Abdul
NBA record for: Most technical fouls
Former member of: Portland Jailblazers


  1. Hi Nathan,

    I subscribe to The Believer and was reading the current issue's interview with M.I.A., when I came across your cool drawings of L.L. Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, and N.W.A.'s signature headwear. So I found your name and blog address from the inside credit page (right above the free summer music CD) and just wanted you to know that your drawings took me right back to my 80s hip-hip days. Thanks. I'm a fan.

    Detroit, MI

    P.S. I despised Rasheed as a Piston. May he wear green forever.

  2. Thanks Ryan, nice to hear from you. Sheed's not exactly a problem-solver, but he's fun as hell to watch, isn't he? He's like a holdover from the era of the early 90s Knicks with Starks, Oakley, and co.