Friday, June 5, 2009

Smoke Signal, a free all-comics newspaper

Desert Island put this together. It's all comics and it's FREE. And it's fantastic. Seriously, even if I didn't have a full page in it, it would still be fantastic. Okay, right now it's superfantastic. If I wasn't in it, it would still be fantastic. Wait, Elizabeth Bethea has a great page in there too. Okay, so right now it's superduperfantastic. If you took out mine or Elizabeth's comics, it would still be superfantastic. If you took both of ours out, it would still be fantastic. It's free, man. Stop complaining. Hellllllooo? DUH. You can get it at Desert Island, which is on Metropolitan near Union. It's right by the Metropolitan/Lorimer stop, so no excuses.
And if you're not in New York, they will mail you one for three crummy dollars. Whaaaat? Just go here. Desert Island is the coolest. Cool as dry ice. That's where the smoke's comin from. Smoke Signal, ya'll.
"Even if I'm smoked out I can't be scoped out" -- Cappadonna

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